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Top 3 cities around the world for cyclists

Cycling is a fun thing to do especially for people who want to wander around the city or just around their neighborhood. For some, they use their bicycle as their mode of transportation while others treat cycling as their hobby. Whatever is your purpose, it is important to know where you can have your bicycle ride safely. Some places may be very busy, which makes it unfriendly for cyclists. Because of this fact, knowing the cities safe for cyclists is a must.


Top 3 cities in Europe for cyclists

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

Probably owning the title of being the most famous cycling city worldwide, Amsterdam accounts 32% for trips made using bicycles beating car usage at only 22%. The local government of Amsterdam is actually planning to provide more facilities for bike parking.

  • Budapest, Hungary

The fellowmen of Budapest are leaders in organizing events for promoting awareness on the benefits of bicycling as effective transportation alternative. They are also conducting annual bike ride event, which coincides with the celebration of Earth Day.

  • Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is this year’s European Green City, which is attributed to 50% of their population using bicycles as their mode of transportation. The current target of the city is to make their CO2 levels neutral by year 2025.

Top 3 cities in the United States for cyclists

  • Jackson Hole, Wyoming

For bikers who are always on the go for the road, Jackson Hole Community Pathway is the best area to wander around. The entire pathway will lead you around the area going to Jenny Lake. Their mountain resort is also a great place for road bikers.

  • Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis never gets out of the list of cyclist-friendly cities in the United States because of their 92-mile bikeway situated beside the street. They also have 85 miles of off street bikeways that you can enjoy.

  • Tucson, Arizona

For riders who want to have a great view of the Sonoran Desert and nearby mountain ranges, Tucson is the place to be. If you want to socialize and keep up with other riders, you can always participate in their bicycle events that they organize annually.

Top 3 cities in Asia for cyclists

  • Beijing, China

Chinese people are also known for their simple yet healthy lifestyle, which makes the city of Beijing friendly for commuters who use bicycles as their mode of transportation. Aside that it promotes physical wellness, it contributes a greater part to their lifestyle.

  • Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Known as the most cyclist-friendly city in Taiwan, Kaohsiung local government has provided an additional of 150-kilometer bike lanes all for the benefit of Taiwanese cyclists. Kaohsiung is also the first to provide bike rental services for people.

  • Kyoto, Japan

If you are going to observe, people in Kyoto actually ride on bikes whether they are businessmen or just ordinary people. The popularity of using bicycles here in Kyoto is actually attributed to its topography. The traffic is tolerable so it is not a problem to use bicycles as your mode of transportation at all.


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